Promotional kit production & distribution

We would like to be your fulfillment service provider if…

  • Your “kit” is a 9×12 envelope with 3 inserts … or 10 pallets of promotional samples, merchandise and POP signage
  • You are shipping 500 kits to a single corporate office … or 25,000 kits to 500 regional locations
  • All of your kits are identical … or each is a different location-specific version
  • You need a capable, service-minded fulfillment partner to get your business where you want it to be!

Priority Pak has been creating, designing, producing, assembling and distributing promotional kits for over 30 years. Here are some of the keys to our success:

  • Our knowledgeable, experienced Account Managers become intimately familiar with the details of your project, and keep you informed every step of the way.
  • We get involved during the Design Phase to ensure that:

Packaging is designed and selected with the 3 P’s in mind

  • Protection: You have spent too much time and money on these materials to let them arrive broken, creased, bent or scratched. Better not to have sent them at all than to deliver them damaged
  • Presentation: When your kit is opened at its destination, all materials should be presented in their most favorable light. Kits with many different elements should be logically organized and labeled. We’ll help you deliver that “wow” factor!
  • Production: We’ll make sure that the final design can be produced and assembled cost-effectively.

The effect of package dimensions and weight on shipping cost is considered, especially with large, bulky signage and displays

We utilize proven project management and quality control systems including:

  • Strict receiving procedures to establish initial control of client-supplied materials
  • A “Job Elements Schedule” to confirm kit component quantities required and received prior to commencing production
  • Kit assembly set-up and sample approvals, either on-site or via emailed digital photos
  • Pre-counting, pre-assembling and versioning to ensure kit accuracy
  • Reconciliation of database quantities to shipping/mailing labels produced

We select the most cost-effective shipping methods based on your delivery & tracking objectives. For large nationwide distributions, our east coast partners help minimize freight cost & transit times.

May we help you with your next kit fulfillment & distribution project?

If you are not sure whether our capabilities are a fit with your requirements, consider some of the projects we have handled recently for our clients:

  • Employee Benefits Open Enrollment: Multi-version, personalized kits for 25,000 employees shipped to 300 regional offices
  • Promotional Point-of-Purchase Collateral & Signage: Customized shipping carton and inserts to protect and display kit elements for 250 auto dealer and field personnel locations
  • Hospital Information Packets: 5,000 kits of 12 SKU’s each assembled and delivered
  • Marketing Campaign: Over 400 kits averaging 60 SKU’s each customized per restaurant location profile
  • Training Certification: Produced personalized certificate and cover letter to ship with size-specific apparel per monthly distribution file
  • Practicum-in-a-Box: Assembled training kits for medical technology company, including pre-charging of electrical components and serial number tracking of high-value devices

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