Med-tech mail piece manipulation means mega-savings


  • Client came to Priority Pak with previously designed 8-panel self-mailer


  • Personalized data required on address panel and hidden BRC. Therefore, mail piece could not be folded prior to ink-jetting
  • Address panel and BRC ran perpendicular to each other, requiring 2 passes for ink-jetting of personalized data … a recipe for disaster!
  • BRC was too small to be mailable, but increasing BRC size would require running self-mailer 2-up on a press-sheet (instead of 3) and mailing at higher “flat-size” rate
  • Flat length of piece was 35”. Standard ink-jetting machines can only handle up to 18”
  • After ink-jetting, sort sequence would have to be maintained during folding & tabbing to preserve maximum postal discounts … not easy for 110M quantity

Solutions from Priority Pak:

  • Configured ink-jetting equipment with folder components to ink-jet a piece much longer than most mailing houses thought possible
  • By making minor adjustments to layout of BRC on mailing piece:
    • Kept mail piece at “letter-size” rate and BRC at a mailable size
    • Allowed ink-jetting of both data fields in the same pass
    • Enabled printing at 3-up per press sheet
  • Printing and postage savings exceeded $60,000